Karina Smirnoff

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Karina Smirnoff's makeup is so wrong that we can't believe she wore it out of the house, let alone for a Good Morning America appearance! The entire look screams adult entertainment industry—especially those pencil thin eyebrows. Ladies, pencil thin eyebrows will age your face faster than hours in the sun without sunscreen.

And how about those too-long tarantulashes? The Dancing With the Stars vet needs to choose the false lashes or mascara, not both. Not to mention the frosty eye shadow on her upper lids simply does not work for any age or occasion. 

We're also pretty surprised to see that frosty blue eyeliner on her waterline. Okay, we'll admit we wore it in the ‘80s, but since then it has become a bit trashy. And what completes a pornalicious makeup look better than frosty pink lipstick? That's a big Beauty Police no-no.

Beauty Bailout: When we saw this look on Karina, we had to share it with Kristie Burnett, a makeup artist, beauty vlogger and founder of Blushing Basics, to find out what she would have done to fix this look:

"If she were sitting in my chair, my first stop would be those brows," Kirstie weighed in. "A little eyebrow powder like LORAC Take a Brow and pencil would go a long way in classing up this look."

She continued, "Also, the frosted color on the waterline is just too much. I have yet to meet a makeup artist that would say, ‘You know what this look is missing? A frosted waterline.' Skip the makeup on the lower eyelid and if you are trying to make your eyes look bigger go for a white liner and just say no to frosted shadow."

We would have also loved to see Karina ditch the frosty eye shadow on her upper lid for a matte cream like Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Foxy  - Cream Bisque Matte. And she should have applied a complementing eye shadow like Stila Eye Shadow in Tone – Matte Rosy Plum, contoured into the crease of her lids.  

We saved the most crucial step for last: We think Karina needs to retire that frosty pink lipstick immediately and try a flattering deep berry lipstick like BareMinerals Natural Lip Color in Berry Glace or a sexy siren red lip like NYX Matte Lipstick in Pure Red.

Assuming Karina isn't ready for a racy career change, this look needs to go. We know she's an entertainer and all, but Good Morning America and Dancing with the Stars are family shows! Keep the makeup family-friendly too!

If you're a beauty addict, Janna will be your enabler. Just an occasional user? She'll be your bad influence. Visit her blog at mybeautybinge.com and indulge!

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