Ginnifer Goodwin

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We looked through every photo from the Disney upfronts and could not find a single shot of Ginnifer Goodwin even attempting a smile. That's right: The Once Upon a Time actress was pouting at a Disney event.

Perhaps it was because she realized her makeup made her look like a reverse raccoon, with her concealer several shades too light? Her fuchsia lips and rosy cheeks are on trend though, if they could have only made her smile!

We love Ginnifer's edgy pixie ‘do. In fact, when she first cut her hair, we totally had visions of early Audrey Hepburn. But Ms. Goodwin has to be careful with her makeup choices or she'll end up looking more like the wicked witch than a pretty princess.

We feel unholy saying this—because we're usually such huge fans of strong brows and winged eyes—but: With Ginnifer wearing her bangs tousled in the front (as opposed to swept to the side), she should pick either the bold brows or the winged eye. With both, she falls into Goth territory.

Beauty Bailout: Ginnifer needs to ditch this concealer immediately! Or give it to a friend with extremely fair skin. Under eye concealer should always be only one to two shades lighter than your foundation and it should be yellow-toned to cover up dark circles.

It looks as though Ginnifer is wearing a light-reflecting concealer, which tends to draws more attention to fine lines around her eyes when the concealer is too light. She should stick to a creamy concealer with strong coverage that will easily blend into her skin, like Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. It won't settle into fine lines and it comes in 20 different shades.

A fuchsia lip is perfect to add a little pop of color tp almost any skin tone.  If you're a gloss fan try Givenchy Gelée D'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine in 4 Vibrant Fuchsia, which will give you a sheer glossy lip. Or if you want to apply a long-lasting pigmented lipstick at the beginning of the night and then forget about it, try Dior Rouge Dior Lipstick in Star Fuchsia – Deep Fuchsia.

Ginnifer is so close to channeling our favorite beauty icon, Aubrey Hepburn, but she needs to sweep those bangs to the side when she wears a retro winged eye. Something as simple as side-swept bangs would really soften this look and give her back her princess crown (and perhaps the lead role in Roman Holiday, if there's ever a remake).

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