Carey Mulligan

ABC/Ida Mae Astute; Neilson Barnard/Getty Images; Gotcha Images / Splash News

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Somewhere in the unofficial guide to being an A-List celebrity promoting a major movie is the rule that states: Never wear the same look twice. Apparently Carey Mulligan didn't have time to read the rulebook. Or buy another outfit.

The Great Gatsby leading lady showed up for two separate events in this same off-white Lanvin suit. If the stark color and boxy shape weren't so memorable, she could have gotten away with it too.

So, what was she thinking?! Probably that she feels so incredibly comfortable (and looks so incredibly beautiful) in this suit, so the fashion press can shove it.

The fact that she wore another, strikingly similar tux recently certainly supports that theory. So in honor of this young fashionista, we will shove it. Carry on, Carey!

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