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British songstress Rita Ora must have been watching reruns of Dallas when inspiration struck to rock this poufy, feathered and totally dated ‘do. We also can't help but to notice the multiple layers of foundation and powder caking her pretty face. Actually, you'd have to be blind not to notice. Either way, how very ‘80s of her.

We just don't get it: Since Rita cut her hair into an adorable-yet-edgy bob, she's successfully rocked many different styles, from slicked-back and straight to sexy, bouncy curls. So who told her this ‘80s inspired style would be a good idea?

On top of that, Rita's wearing so much foundation and powder her skin looks flat and cakey. And, for the love of Revlon, where the heck is the blush?  At least a little blush would have added some dimension to those chalky cheeks.

She's just too young and pretty to be wearing this much makeup. This much bad makeup, for that matter.

Beauty Bailout: Rita needs to forget that this time warp ‘do ever happened and go back to styles that have worked for her in the not-so-distant past.  If she felt the curls were too youthful for this event, she could have worn the slicked back, side-parted low bun she's mastered in the past. It would have looked gorgeous with her dress and earrings.

As for her makeup, it's such a disaster we called in the big guns to help right Rita's wrong. We sent Christina Farrell, celebrity makeup artist and founder of The Makeup Blogger, the photo of Ms. Ora and she told us what she would have done differently:

"The foundation seems to be a bit thick, so I would have tried a luminizing formulation like Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint which has light diffusers to help hide any imperfections," Farrell explained.

"To cover up any discolorations or breakouts, I would have stuck with a waterproof concealer such as Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer. This would have given her the coverage she needed without overpowering her face with a ton of foundation. For blush, I would have added a stunning coral like NARS Torrid to brighten up her face and give her a soft glow."

We hate when young women fall prey to dated hair and, even worse, excessive makeup. Rita is a first time offender. We hope she goes back to her bouncy curls and fresh-faced makeup so we're not forced to give her another Beauty Police citation.

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