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How do you expect us to find something nice to say about the looks Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen showcased at a recent Rolling Stones concert when we can't begin to define that little hairball on top of M.K.'s head and Ashley's makeup makes her look like she just left an audition for The Walking Dead?!

First, Mary-Kate's hair: Our biggest problem isn't with the messy updo, but the ratty stringy ends—on both twins, for that matter.  Good for them for not buying into the hair extension craze, but these girls really need a healthy trim (and by healthy trim, we mean 2-3 inches). 

Wait! We found something nice to say! Mary Kate's skin looks amazeballs! That's how you rock a fresh-faced look. She clearly takes care of her skin and wanted to show it off by not caking on foundation and powder...unlike her twin. M.K. could have used a little concealer under her eyes and, if we had our way, perhaps a hint of color on her lips, but overall her face is gorg.

As for Ashley's makeup, we don't get it at all. Is she deliberately trying to look frightening? Not only does her excessive white foundation and powder make her look cadaverous, but she's also really pushing the skeleton look with those kohl-rimmed eyes. 

Beauty Bailout: First thing's first: The twins need a haircut and a really good deep conditioning treatment like the Lea Journo Parfait Intense Hydrating Masque to mend their tattered ends.  Ashley also needs to switch to a more natural color (like her sister's) so that her hair color doesn't wash out her face so much. 

Mary-Kate honestly doesn't need to do anything different to her makeup because she has that ridiculously perfect skin. But if she asked our opinion, we would suggest a couple pats of the celebrity favorite (for good reason) Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer under her eyes to get rid of that darkness. And we would love to see a subtle "just bitten" color on her lips like Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15.

As for Ashley: Ashley, Ashley, Ashley...We're not sure what you're hiding from but it's time you set your skin free (and yes, we can tell you have great skin under all that makeup). Perhaps going foundation and powder-free would leave you feeling too naked? Why not try a BB Cream like Boscia BB Cream SPF 27 PA++, which will give you natural, sheer coverage and a nice glow? 

Hint: Just make sure you don't substitute your skincare or sunscreen for the BB Cream. It should just replace your foundation and powder.  

Since Mary-Kate's skin looked so flawless we'll let her off with a misdemeanor for that 'do. Ashley, on the other hand, is getting a full-on felony charge for her skeletor of a situation. We knew the zombie apocolypse would be scary, but not this scary.

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