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A lesser mortal would take one look at this outfit and start snarking immediately, but we aren't that amateur hour. So if you're waiting for us to snicker forth about why MIA felt the sudden need to eat four dozen of her album covers and then barf them up all over Solange Knowles at an HBO premiere of Girls, walk away, little person. The professionals are here.

Look: Anyone who's been cruising the fashion scene for more than a minute knows that this getup is what Solange does. It's her thing. Nicki Minaj throws shade. Ben Affleck gets snubbed by film snobs. And Solange wears gaily painted harlequin pajamas to fancy parties. Get over it.

In fact, we're beginning to like Solange's style, including this Just Cavalli pre-fall printed suit. Why? Because it's daring. It's different. And the girl inside of it knows how to work it. A lesser creature would allow the suit to wear her.

But we know we aren't the only fashion opinion out there. (That was a joke, because, yes, we are.) So, tell us what you think of this look below!

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What do you think of Solange's daring Cavalli?
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