Lea Michele

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Is Lea Michele channeling her schoolgirl self, a Happy Days extra, or the sun?

We can't quite decide where the inspiration lies, which is only the start of the confusion around this Lisa Ho skirt-top set paired with a white Bec & Bridge Pointelle bodysuit. The color pops like crazy against the starlet's tanned skin, but is it too bold a choice for a January carpet walk? The skirt and top fit well, but is the vintage shape hiding her tiny figure? The Christian Louboutin Paulina pumps with black PV edging match the top, but are we OK'ing white pattern leather well before Labor Day?

Lea's choice of a sideswept pony and simple makeup is smart considering the otherwise loud look, but is it enough to save her from looking like Glee is about to roll on a homage to Hairspray?

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Do you love Lea Michele channeling the sun, or hate it?
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