Jessica Chastain

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Once upon a time, in a land called Hollywood, there lived a redhead named Jessica Chastain who had enough money, power and beauty to make her the fairest one of all.

Unfortunately, though, she threw all that away for some risky fashion choices. Let's review those and see exactly how to ruin a perfectly lovely winter coat, shall we?

Jessica Chastain

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1. Excess Baggage

Let's state up front that we have no qualms with Jessica's three-legged dog, Chaplin. He's working those three legs—and the adorable plaid scarf—to perfection! Jess, on the other hand, chose a black trench with pockets so wide and vast that we imagine the coat comes to life at night and serves as a traveling circus tent with Jess as the ringleader.

Jessica Chastain

Doug Meszler / Splash News

2. Steal Barbie's Bag

This was so close; we could taste the enchanted mirror cackling back with glee! That is, until we saw the Pepto-Bismol bag. Have Ken bring the corvette around so we can drive away, very quickly.

Jessica Chastain

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3. Stop Trying

Here's the thing about striped pajamas: We don't like them. They can easily ruin something that should be indestructible, like this classic black pea coat—a staple so simple you'd have to cover it in Ke$ha's old glitter and Adam Lambert's feather boa collection to make it go wrong. But Jessica didn't need any of those things, did she?

Speaking of misses, here's NeNe Leakes

Jessica Chastain

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4. Borrow Accessories From Yeezy

This is a cautionary tale of why you never borrow Kanye West's shades to go for a jaunty ride through the equestrian trails. There's just no room for the throne when it comes to riding pants, sorry.

Jessica Chastain


5. Hold the Phone

Wait, do our eyes deceive us, or is that a plum Burberry Queensbury trench coat paired with an Alexander McQueen bag and Prada heels? Not a pink purse, item of sleepwear or loose pant in sight...Could it be that Jessica wore a coat that we actually like?!

Well played, Chastain, perhaps this is a fairytale ending after all. Tell us what you think of this transformation below!

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