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Thank you, Gwen Stefani, for cluing us in to the fabulous sale happening at the Chico's outlet in Steamboat Springs. Southwest-motif sweater coats! They're all the rage among (a) retired dental technicians from Ohio and (b) Gwen. And now they're an additional 15 percent off, gals!

We're having a harder time explaining what's lurking under that coat as Stefani scowls at paps on a London street. We fear it may be a jumpsuit. With jodhpur patches. And a waist cravat. And we need to find something else to look at before our face melts.

Look, open-toe booties! Are those on sale at Chico's too?

The Fashion Police December 28 Gwen Stefani Poll
What do you think of Gwen's black and white coat?
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