Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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Here are some fun facts: Hugh Jackman is from Sydney. In December, Sydney is one of the sunniest places on Earth, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine daily. Can't get much shinier than that.

And, yet, Jackman has finally run across a dress so blinding he can't look directly at it without throwing on a pair of shades and a Tilley hat.

Thank you, Anne Hathaway and the people at Nina Ricci, for showing us that there are frocks out there that are, literally, brighter than the cities of the Southern Hemisphere at high noon.

That said, we just put on our favorite pair of sunglasses and we like that dress very much. Nice Stella McCartney shoes and Kwiat jewels, too. Hey, Anne, you busy around 11 tonight? Our bedroom could use a more fashionable reading lamp.

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