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Look, this is better than the Annie Hall homage Taylor Swift wore on stage recently. It's certainly better than anything we're seeing on Rihanna or Rita Ora or Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry or Amy Adams. But then again, just clapping our eyes upon this Elie Saab, donned for the Aussies' 2012 Aria Awards, is making our foreheads tilt—slowly, ever so slowly—toward the ground and our eyes half-close, and our nostrils emit little zzzzzzzz sounds.

We don't begrudge any starlet who wants to stay classy. We do begrudge celebs who make us want to crawl off for a nappy before noon, curled up somewhere between our cat and our favorite Ugly Doll of all time.

Maybe it's the bangs, which recall Madame Alexander dolls representing Scandinavian countries, or the lack of accessories.

Or maybe it's our lack of class.

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