Worst of Gotham Awards

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You know how it is in showbiz: Another day, another rice milk latte, another round of Zumba, another awards show. This week it was the Gotham Independent Film Awards, one of many sojourns stars take if they're campaigning for an Oscar, or just want to be seen as one of them serious actors.

So, how do serious actors dress? Let's take a look, and offer up some best and worst looks of the night.

In our worst category, we have Girls costar Allison Williams. The dress feels very Middleton, as if there were a lost sister somewhere between Kate and Pippa who never got any love or, apparently, access to the family tailor. But poor lonely Allison will have her day, oh yes, she will have her day. And when the invite list is drawn up for Allison's triumphant wedding to Duke Goldworth Richley of Moneyhamptonshire, Kate and Pippa will not be on it! Yes! And revenge will be hers!

Where were we? Oh, Emily Blunt. Usually she does better than this. We like her top half, though.

Best of Gotham Awards

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Now for the best category.

Amy Adams has had kind of an uneven season, fashionwise, but this Armani has a nice, Thierry Mugler-like structuring to it. And we cannot hate on anything that is even vaguely Mugler-esque.

Then we have Marion Cotillard. We waffled for a while on this one, but decided that, with its understated styling, this look is almost too classy for us. We're not worthy, Marion!

And we don't hold with gold dresses as a general rule, but if you're gonna go metallic like Natalie Zea, keep it short, simple and disciplined. We approve.

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