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On one hand, working a red carpet with as much fierceness as Kristen Stewart and Rihanna takes a certain level of skill, so we understand the white collars. While, on the other, we know it took a lot of manual labor to catch each and every button on the way up, which feels a little more blue-collar to us.

Either way, the shirts have been pressed and the buttons pinched against these starlets throats, signaling the start of another Fashion Face-Off!

On the subject of things that are high, what's going on with this Bond girls boobs?

In one corner we have K.Stew in an equestrian-meets-schoolgirl Stella McCartney getup. While, in the other, it's Ri-Ri's jailbird couture. Both have high bouffants to match their even higher button-ups, and enough diva ‘tude to bring Mariah Carey to her knees.

But, when the whistle blows at the end of the workday, who will you join in the white-collar crusade?

The Fashion Police November 22 Poll
Which red carpet collar works best?
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