Perfecting your Bitch Face, Starring MK Olsen

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Every time we see Mary-Kate Olsen she looks even bitchier than the last. How is that even possible and, more importantly, what can we learn from this mighty sage of bitchfaced perfection?

As an early Christmas gift, we paid a visit to M.K. and uncovered the necessary steps to mastering this subtle art. You're welcome.

Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivier Sarkozy

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Step 1: Never let your true emotions show—always leave them begging for your approval. Even if that person is your 42-year-old boyfriendOlivier Sarkozy, and your stone cold face makes you both look creepier than before.

Never. Show. Emotion.

Mary-Kate and Olivier's romance gallery

Mary-Kate Olsen

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Step 2: When in doubt, a tight bun, tightly buttoned jacket and even tighter lip will do the bitchy trick.

Mary-Kate Olsen

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Step 3: A true bitch isn't going to let something bright like the sun steal their spotlight. Block it out with miles of umbrella and enough fabric to terrify Miley Cyrus' midriff into hibernation.

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