Four-Eyes Face-Off: Zooey vs. Aniston vs. McCarthy

Theo Wargo, Frazer Harrison, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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What started as a necessity for some middle-aged librarians has now been stolen by the starlets of Hollywood who want a sliver of nerd to call their own—and they'll have it, even if they have to battle to the top for it.

Leading the pack is Zooey Deschanel, who upped her adorkable quotient by sporting a pair you'd find most often on Florida retirees. Followed closely by Jennifer Aniston and her aviator frames that teeter on the edge of cool and creepy. And last, but not least, is a retro set of cat eyes resting on the nose of one Jenny McCarthy.

You've got six eyes staring down the barrel of your voting gun, but who are you going to pull the trigger on when it comes to the sexiest spectacles?

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Which framed face rocked geek chic best?
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