Diane Kruger

Paul Hubble/FilmMagic

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It's that time of year again, when stars leave their bubbles of fabulousness to visit the mortal realm in order to not eat turkey with their families. In a show of solidarity with us norms, the stars dress up like ordinary people, particularly for trips to those big boxy buildings that the little people call, "airports."

Don't be fooled. That's Diane Kruger, who, in the spirit of the holidays, makes her way through a Paris airport dressed all casual in a comfy looking sweater. Peace on Earth and goodwill to the non-famous.

Speaking of cazh, this is how Katie Holmes dresses for a late night appearance

Kate Upton

Ron Asadorian / Splash News

Meanwhile, Kate Upton wore glasses at JFK—part of her secret identity as a person who stands in line.

Amanda Seyfried

Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

And we also have Amanda Seyfried, who went so far as to avoid makeup while gracing a Paris airport, yet still manages to look stunning. (Sometimes blending in isn't as easy as it should be.)

Celine Dion

Marc Piasecki/FilmMagic

This is Céline Dion, carrying her own purse (!!!) while entering a hotel at which other people are allowed to be present.

Complete and utter Thanksgiving insanity, we tell you.

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