Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi

D Dipasupil/WireImage

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Nothing against Snooki, but she has this uncanny ability to change her look completely, and yet make us feel like we've seen it before.

For example, we know she only just dyed her hair the color of Red Hots, and we definitely haven't seen her in this shade of Pepto-Bismol before. Yet, as our stomach churns and we wish we had some actual Pepto to ease the pain, there's something oddly familiar about it all.

Maybe it's the tiger belt? Or the vaguely Florida-grandma-out-for-bingo-night jacket? Or, perhaps, that fake-bake tan of hers has soaked so deep into our skulls that we now only see one radiant glowing orange vision of the Jersey Shore alum.

Either way, you've won this round, Snooki! Now, if only you'd be so kind as to give us some of that Pepto you doused your blouse with.

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