Saoirse Ronan, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

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Good Lord. Yet another actor wearing sheer sleeves. Saoirse Ronan, have you not gotten our 18 emails and constant texts about the danger of wearing sheer sleeves? They always need an iron the second you touch them. They can make your arms look like cocooned caterpillars that've been treated with gamma rays until they're the size of kielbasas.

Have you not seen the handy info packet we hand-delivered—the one with a million case studies ranging from Lea Michele to Natalie Portman's really unfortunate wedding dress?

We have yet to hear back from you on this urgent matter, except for some guy at our door with a "legally binding" restraining order, whatever that is. We are trying to help you.

That said, big ups for taking a risk with a flat oxford. Wearing a flat while Kristen Stewart is lording over you in sky-high Jimmy Choos? That takes balls.

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