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We've grown used to Kristen Stewart slouching about on red carpets in tiny Balenciaga pants and dresses. So, we did a double take this morning when we learned that K.Stew's latest look, for a New York screening of On the Road, is by A.L.C.

We like the contrast of wool and leather, and the fact that we're looking at a dress with real sleeves. And then there's the eye makeup. After a long set of seconds dithering over her face, we can clearly state, without reservation, that the risk pays off.

Sure, with the severe blackness going on in the inner eye area, it's a tad take me to your leader. But, when you're 22, that's what you're supposed to do with your makeup. And K.Stew's eyes are certainly a stronger feature than her lips, which should never, ever be painted in dark red again.

Unless, of course, we're wrong. What do you think of K.Stew's black-on-black-on-black look?

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