Olivia Wilde, Julianne Moore

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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We have a feeling that Olivia Wilde and Julianne Moore are messing with our feeble minds.

Like, they want us to think that they're pissed at each other for essentially wearing the same outfit, but as soon as the cameras stopped clicking, they held hands and skipped away, cackling to themselves.

We have reason for this kind of paranoia: both looks are from the same label, and that label is Calvin Klein.

For the record, we prefer a scenario where the two actresses secretly want to strangle each other with their fabulously licorice-like belts.

As for which look we like better, that's easy: Wilde's. It's got a better fit and cooler accessories.

Unless, of course, we're wrong! Which black-and-white look do you prefer?

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Who rocked this licorice belt best?
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