Amy Adams, Kristen Stewart

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Science tells us that when you combine a moody cloud and pure sunlight, you get a sun shower. Or maybe a rainbow. Not true.

What you get is human halo Amy Adams and ever so sullen Kristen Stewart trying to cancel each other out in a pair of looks so disastrous that even FEMA won't touch it. (Too soon? Really? We dare you to take a closer look at K.Stew's Ed Grimley pants. Still too soon? Exactly.)

In theory, we are not mad at Adams's black floral gown, particularly because it's Dolce & Gabbana and the print is fairly awesome. But the cut is a little too Hairspray when combining it with a pixie-like Adams.

Stewart, meanwhile, is sporting a getup created by patron overlords Balenciaga, the same people who concocted those skinny test-pattern pants she had to wear back at Cannes. After that last pantaloon run-in—or maybe that other run-in in Paris?—we figured she'd understand that Balenciaga and trousers mix about as well as Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Apparently we were wrong, or Stewart is getting paid stupid-crazy money to wear all these pants.

Maybe it's time we stopped looking at this photo and let you take over: Which look is worse, Amy's or K.Stew's?

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Whose Look Needs to Go?
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