Solange Knowles


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Little known fact: This isn't a blouse and a skirt. It's one of those optical-illusion posters in clothing form.

If you sit really still, and let your mind go blanker than Britney Spears after a Cheetos binge, you'll see the hidden image among all those dots and colors—a 12-inch 3D stereogram of Solange Knowles wearing the same getup. And if you look into that, you'll see the same image again, only 6 inches tall, and then smaller and smaller, way into infinity.

To be honest, we tried getting mad at this ensemble, but we just couldn't. We couldn't even work up any outrage about the purple sandals. Maybe the whole outfit is being tied together solely by Knowles's eternally alt coolness. Maybe we're just happy to see something daring and fresh on a celebrity this week. Whatever's going on in our heads, we're perfectly happy just staring at this H&M look for the rest of our Friday afternoon.

Carry on.

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