Rachel Zoe, Victoria Beckham


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Here are two famous people wearing outfits from their own fashion collections. On one side, we have Rachel Zoe. On the other, Victoria Beckham.

At first, we thought Beckham might be dressed as some sort of postmodern Halloween witch. But then we realized that's how she dresses, like, all the time.

That said, we overwhelmingly favor Beckham over Zoe. First of all, the hat is Pretty Woman, and not in a good way. There's too much fabric undulating around in the bowtie area like a pool of overpriced squid ink. And we swear those are running tights underneath all that. Plus that gold pimp necklace...Does. Not. Compute.

What about you? Which famous designer is doing Halloween black better?

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Are you Team Zoe or Beckham?
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