Liam Hemsworth, Johnny Depp

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It's Hunger Games against Pirates of the Caribbean! Biker beast takes on pirate hippie! Hot versus equally hot!

But first: We want to put Liam Hemsworth and Johnny Depp in our freezer so they can chill into man pops that we lick on some lonely, sultry night.

Alas, it's fall, and while the atmospheric heat may be dissipating, we are still feeling warm all over just from the hotness these two coat-adorned foxes are bringing to the red—err, blue and tiled carpet.

The first man candy contender is Liam, who reminds us of a cleaner James Dean who just dismounted his Miley Cyrus hog in this black leather jacket with adorned collar and nearly-skinny jeans.

Moving on to everyone's favorite walking pair of cheekbones, Depp—we dig the jewels and the ‘stache, and the nice thing about this outfit is that if we got cold we could totally borrow that plaid sweater.

Now we call on you, Joan Rangers, which hunk is most ready for fall and your freezer vote?

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