Kristen Stewart


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Kristen Stewart is tired of people calling her miserable and emo. She's actually way fun! Really, you guys! Look! She's smiling! And she's made a game out of her dress and everything!

We like to think that, just off camera, there's Chuy Bravo—dressed as a white pawn and ready to leap all over her body on command, just to amuse us.

Do you doubt us?

Well, just to make absolutely sure you get the message about this new, happy Kristen, you should know that this is not a dress. Dresses are formal and uptight. They're not fun, you guys. This is a top and shorts. It may be fall everywhere else, but at K.Stew's House O' Whoopee it's summer year-round, are we right? Crack open the barbecue and whip out the water slide, because this new Kristen is fun, fun, fun!

We just hope her face doesn't crack out of pure joy.

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