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How hard is it to pull off this season's sheer trend?

Judging from the photos we saw of Natalie Portman's wedding dress, the answer is, harder than you think. (Sorry, Nat, the Rodarte girls made you a fine Black Swan costume, but those sheer sleeves? On that wedding dress? Your arms looked like silkworm larvae. Giant mutant ones. We had nightmares for weeks.)

Yet, the ladies of last night's Elle Women in Hollywood Gala dared to give sheer a go.

Like Emma Stone and Lea Michele, who both bravely waded into the sheer-sleeves arena, but Stone was a clear winner with a pair of arm covers that actually fit. Extra points to the Amazing Spider-Man actress for wearing that fabulous hot-pink-color-and-houndstooth pattern combo. Yes, technically, it's a day look, but at least she didn't look like the hostess at the Moonlite Bunnyranch.

Onward to Nina Dobrev's dress, which is very Pricey Dubai Mistress on top and Decatur High Spring Semiformal on the bottom. Contrast that look with Anna Kendrick, whose simple sheer midriff doesn't compete with the giant gold tiara she has wrapped around her boobs, and it's pretty clear that the Pitch Perfect star did the sheer thing better.

What about you? Which of these four looks was sheer perfection?

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