Victoria Beckham, Harper


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We haven't seen Victoria Beckham suffer a bad fashion day since the poster for Spice World. That means she's has a pretty good run: 15 years with nary a screw up, until she emerged this week wearing this outfit.

Do not look directly at her shoes because you'll turn to stone.

In case you're in the market for a new handbag, or a fresh pair of moccasins: Fringe, like flip-flops, is never, ever OK. Not in any circumstance, even if you're an award-winning designer married to David Beckham, the hottest man in the northern hemisphere.

As for the dress, it's from Victoria's own line, but even that isn't an excuse to wear it. We suspect it's what happens when periwinkle gets very, very angry.

That cute little Harper Beckham makes for a fine accessory, though.

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