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We get it: Lady Gaga stays famous by making every day her own personal Halloween.

But there's usually a bit of a P.T. Barnum-meets-Paris-Is-Burning vibe—the feeling that there's a fully operational circus going on 24 hours a day in Gaga's hotel suite and, every time she steps out, you get to see a piece of her crazy carny sideshow for free.

Which is why we're so disappointed in this.

We could drive 10 minutes to Hollywood Toy & Costume and pick up this exact witch getup for $41.99. (We checked!)

We know, we know, the Mother Monster is technically entertaining us for free in this photo, and you get what you pay for. But would it hurt her so terribly to throw together a broom out of vole bones, or whip up some genetically engineered flying monkeys real quick?

Geez. Somebody is getting lazy.

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