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This is Taylor Swift all dressed up for the 2012 Daughters of the American Revolution Doily Sew-a-thon Radio One Teen Awards in London.

We get it: Taylor is deep in dress rehearsals for when she turns Kennedy in the next couple of years. But, in the meantime, it's not going to hurt her future husband's senatorial ambitions if she wears something just a little crazy to a teen awards show.

Just a little—like, a neon color pop in the shoe, as tired as that trend is. Or maybe the singer could let the hair down and make a date with a crimper à la Madonna way back in her rubber bracelet phase.

We would settle for anything that's even a tad wacky. Do that ombre hair thing! Throw on some Saint Germain! Pick a fight with Mariah Carey! Live, Taylor, live, before the Kennedy clan descends upon you and swallows you whole in a cloud of bullet bras and slips and hairspray and sensible pumps!

Yes, we do notice the Charlotte Olympia kitty cat shoes. But if that's rebellion for Swift, we fear a future where one day she cracks—just cracks—and wakes up one morning with a parrot on her shoulder and a sun on her head.

Maybe Nicki Minaj does interventions?

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