Kristen Stewart, Paris Fashion Week


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Kristen Stewart smiled the other day while wearing Balenciaga.

This is news because we're not sure we'd smile if we were wearing those pants. Or that jacket, to be honest. The quilting is harmless on its own. The unripe grapefruit color is fine in isolation. Put it all together and it's a little too Real Housewives of Miami Beach, a show that should never, ever exist.

Then again, there are probably good reasons for Stewart to be smiling. Like the fact that she's probably getting paid to wear those pants, or that she made $34.5 million last year, and she's supposedly back with Robert Pattinson again. That might tip the scales in favor of a grin, we suppose.

If you want our opinion on those boots—the flat double-buckle Poulaine boots with the pointy metal straps—we don't care if they're Balenciaga. Just no.

Unless we're wrong. What do you think of K.Stew's latest Balenciaga look?

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