Gwen Stefani

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No doubt: Gwen Stefani knows how to dress.

And while we are completely, utterly sick and tired of this whole overblown obsession that stars have with black-and-white looks, we gotta admit that when the singer stepped out in London this week each outfit she chose was stark perfection. And it all was for a good cause—the launch of No Doubt's newest album, Push and Shove.

The only thing annoying us is Stefani's $895 Kelly Wearstler Noir Cube Batik trench, because now we want a $895 Kelly Wearstler Noir Cube Batik trench—something we did not even know existed three minutes ago.

We're less thrilled with the bedazzled crop-top-blazer combo. Though, we allow that if any one person could pull that off at age 42, it's Stefani.

All that said, our fave outfit has to be the evening look that she wore Tuesday night—a black chiffon poncho over a black miniskirt, plus black toeless tights, and black Christian Louboutin heels. Best part of the whole thing? A manicure that appears to match that Wearstler coat we now have our eye on.

We would definitely push and shove anyone who got between us and that trench.

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