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So, Sarah Jessica Parker went to the New York City Ballet.

That's where fashion people go when they need an excuse to wear a cape. Sarah's NYC Ballet cape looks kind of like what Valentino might design for the pope, if he ever had a mind to go to the ballet.

The occasion was the ballet's Fall Gala which, if you're gonna wear a cape and a shower curtain, is the place to take fashion risks.

The whole look is by Valentino. When it was shown on the runway earlier this year, the cape came down to the runway model's knees. SJP's cape drops almost to her calves and looks big enough to double as the Louis XIV armoire she likely uses to house all her ballet-gala outfits. Not cool, SJP. If that cape were any longer it could double as a couture Porta-Potty for one.

We would love to see Valentino design one of those.

In the meantime, we'll say this about SJP's outfit: We like a gal who takes a risk. We're just wondering if this risk shouldn't have been a little...shorter. Smaller. Less papist. Something.

What do you think? Gotta Have It or Make It Stop?


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