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We're about to write a fashion post with way too many baseball references, because that's what you get when a star comes out swingin' for a new movie about the American pastime. (Did we get started before we finished our disclaimer? Yes.)

So here's Amy Adams in a long red column of lovely for the premiere of her new flick, Trouble with the Curve.

In this shot she looks great, because in this shot she's turned to the side and flashing some foot. The reason she's turned to the side and flashing some foot, though, is because if she weren't, she'd look like she'd been buried in about 6-feet of mean ruffles. We're onto you, Adams. That turning-to-the-side trick is as old as the hanging curve ball.

We would've liked to see a few inches trimmed from this Roksanda Ilincic number—all the better to show off those Casadei pumps. Where's her relief pitcher—er, stylist—when you need one?

We'll stop now.

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