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We aren't completely sure why actress Mindy Kaling is dressed as Marge Simpson for Glamour magazine.

Granted, Marge is a fashion icon—if you dig deep enough. She started the blue hair trend long before Katy Perry stepped onto the dye job scene. She mixes classic with risky, pairing a strand of pearls with a bold tube top dress, and, like any good fashionista, she never leaves home without her trusty pair of kitten heels.

Still, how does this relate to Kaling?

Maybe The Mindy Project promos aren't funny enough, so she threw on this costume? Maybe, much like her character on The Office, this is yet another, "Look at me, look at meeee," moment? Maybe it's because everyone loves Marge and Mindy's hoping we'll love her too?

Honestly, we don't know. They're both funny ladies, maybe it's as simple as that.

When asked about the cartoon matriarch, Mindy said, "Marge Simpson is the one who's really funny. Her character looks so crazy, but then she's supposed to be totally demure. I think [Simpsons creator] Matt Groening is a genius for giving her that hair."

So, maybe Mindy is trying to channel some of that genius in a bouffant homage?

To read the complete Glamour interview pick up a copy on newsstands now!

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