Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan

Merino/; AKM-GSI

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It's the battle of the hot trainwrecks!

Both share a love of driving into things, pleading in front of judges and ruining their careers, but when it comes to these two child-actors-turned-bad-girls, who will get your vote for hottest fashion disaster: Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan?

Even we at Fashion Police are having a hard time wrapping our heads around some of the choices these babes have made—in life and in fashion—which is why we need to examine the evidence thoroughly before throwing one of them into a padded cell.

Starting with fake tanning savant, Amanda! The bottle blonde was out in Studio City and dared to mix itty-bitty animal print with button-up patriotism in homage to truckstop workers the world over.

Meanwhile, LiLo's cazh look while dining out in Hollywood followed a similar "Short-shorts, men's shirt, ballet flats, no problem!" kinda vibe. Just as equally sloppy and just as painful for our eyes.

Moving on to what we like to call Courtroom Classy which, as any budding starlet on the brink of a nervous breakdown knows, is über-important to winning those crucial papz sympathy votes.

Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan

Charlie Luciano/; AKM-GSI

Here, Bynes is guilty until proven innocent of looking like a cheap secretary in a skintight pencil skirt, white button-up blouse, tailored jacket and stiletto heels.

Whereas la Lohan pulls out her '70s-inspired powder blue pantsuit, navy blouse, black pumps and equally aggressive bag in order to prove that she's a serious lady who is serious about not seriously partying anymore.

The evidence has been laid out before you and now it's time for final judgment: Which troubled starlet should face fashion jail time for her crimes? Tell us below and check out our full gallery of looks!

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