Victoria Beckham

Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images

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Before you write in with the obvious question: No. This photo is not ‘Shopped. That really is Victoria Beckham—smiling. We know, we know: It's not quite what we've come to expect. A bit like seeing a photo of Rihanna in a burka, or Lady Gaga in a Snuggie.

And yet there it is, indisputably Mrs. David Beckham, beaming as she shows off her collection at Fashion Week, with her hubby looking proudly on.


We don't know what to make of it either, but we'll just stick to the facts. The 38-year-old former pop star is walking in a show for her own label at the New York Public Library. Her dress is from her own line and features black-on-black elements in varying textures, such as mixed canvas, georgette, lace and chiffon.

Just outside the frame is her soccer star husband, who is documenting the event, snapping photos like a paparazzo.

No doubt he wants to capture that smile on his wife's face too.




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