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Labor Day has come and gone, but summer is still alive and well in Hollywood, if Kirsten Dunst's latest red carpet appearance is any indication.

Well, OK, two corrections right off the bat: The carpet was black. And the two-piece Stella McCartney getup Dunst wore isn't exactly for summer, or even fall. It's part of a resort collection—you know, one of those lines created for jet-setters who need stuff to wear during their December jaunts to the Seychelles?

For the New York premiere of her new film, Bachelorette, last night, the 30-year-old actress wore her brocade shorts with yellow suede Chloé ankle-straps.

If you're not fond of yellow suede Chloé ankle-straps, consider: McCartney herself prefers to pair the ensemble with leopard-print pumps. Suddenly those yellow ankle-straps seem pretty logical, don't they?

So what do you think of Dunst's brocade short britches? Gotta Have 'Em or Make 'Em Stop?

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