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GQ Russia

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This just in: Paris Hilton is alive and well and still relevant—at least, to the men of Russia.

If you're a 19-year-old living in Kursk, wondering what Hilton has been up to of late, the latest issue of Russian GQ is for you. Fashion maven Ellen Von Unwerth snapped the spread, which features the formerly ubiquitous Hilton in various types of black lingerie—and in various states of undress—with a dress or two thrown in for fun.

As for what Hilton has been doing, she is apparently working on a new studio album, and she's done some DJ appearances, or something.

But the main point is that the former star of The Simple Life is 31 years old and still keeps it tight. One does not get away with wearing thigh-high stockings and garters with little bows on them without watching those calories, girl. (Didn't know that anyone still wore thigh-highs and garters, now, did you?)

We can't decide whether the shoot was tacky, sexy, or some inscrutable foreign amalgam of both. Help us out in comments.

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