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By our calculations, Jessica Alba was about 15 years old when floral denim first broke big in the mid-'90s.

So, maybe we have to go easy on her for wearing these flowery gray jeans.

Clearly the actress is of the generation that has a sentimental attachment to hallmarks of the Shannen Doherty era. Kind of like us with the Smurfs. We know the show sucked and yet we cannot tolerate anyone saying anything negative about Peyo, even though he wrote Smurfette as a total dingbat with a watering can.

What were we saying? Oh, right, floral denim. Not cool. Not now, anyway, and yet here's Alba, wearing a pair of clearly botanical denim trousers, with a matching vest. (We haven't worn a vest since our first job interview. We did not get the job.)

So what do you think of Alba's retro-ish look: gotta have it or make it stop?

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Do you love or hate Jessica Alba's faded look?
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