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Oh to have the fame of Harry Potter, the looks of a brunette Twiggy, and the cover of The New York Times Style Magazine—that's just a typical Friday for Emma Watson.

And, in case you didn't notice, Emma is like, totally mature now, you guys. I mean, just look at those painted on cat eyes, the Harry Winston sparklers, slick pixie ‘do and that navy Bottega Veneta jacket. Hermione Granger who? Psssh...That's like, so yesterday, OK?

Seriously, though, the soon-to-be in theaters star of The Perks of Being a Wallflower has been super, über-duper busy. Like, it's crazy.

So busy—doing very adult things—that she feels the need to address what took her so long to make another film. "I didn't, because I was so focused on, you know, on my GCSEs and on my AS and on my A-levels and then getting in to university and then whatever, I didn't really have time to do any of that," Emma told the mag.

Yes, college is tough. Speaking of which, Emma then opened up about what her time at Brown was like. (Hint: Super tough.) "My first two years at Brown weren't easy," she says. "Not because I was bullied or because anyone gave me a particularly hard time, but just because, you know...at Brown everyone does completely different things and very much chooses their own path, which is great, but it's also much more difficult, too. You're not with a group of people all the time at one time."

We totally get it, Emma—it's hard being you, and we doubt being a cover girl is going to make life any easier. Sigh. Pass us the eyeliner, babe, we want to be moody and gorgeous and grownup with you!

For more from Emma's interview, pick up the Women's Fall Fashion 2012 issue of T: The New York Times Style Magazine!

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