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Even for the world's biggest TV fans, this one may be kinda hard. Why? Well, usually this actress spends her on-screen time as a dressed-down brunette living a (mostly) discreet life of crime.

But here, the 48-year-old beauty is playing a very different role, one in which she definitely wants to be seen and admired. Either that or she's hoping to be melted down and made into jewelry.

So, who is she?

Mary Louise Parker






It's Mary-Louise Parker! The Weeds star looks as good as gold in a metallic swimsuit-slash-gladiator getup that included brassy fake nails, a bolero, platform sandals and gladiator-inspired shin guards. Oh, and a blond wig.

In case you're wondering, yes, this outfit is for a role. Parker is suited up for the comedy Parental Guidance Suggested. She plays one of the many kooky characters encountered by a teenage boy as he tries to chase fame and make time with his girlfriend, played by Selena Gomez.

The flick is shooting now in Los Angeles. Let's just hope that Parker's costume doesn't melt in the heat!

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