Guess Me From Behind


At first we thought that Catwoman may have gotten loose in Los Angeles. After all, we are looking at a leopard leotard and some very muscular legs.

But, no, Anne Hathaway this is not. Nor is it Halle Berry or any other actress who has ever donned a cowl and catsuit.

Care to take a guess at this actress-musician who's en route to the set of her new, very sexy, very violent, film?

Vanessa Hudgens








It's Vanessa Hudgens!

The former High School Musical co-star was reporting for duty on the upcoming Robert Rodriguez flick Machete Kills, co-starring Lady Gaga and a very grown-up Alexa Vega.

We can't tell you where she got that awesome leotard, but we do know this—you can thank a rigorous yoga workout for those gams.

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