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The book Fifty Shades of Grey hasn't even morphed into movie material yet and we've already got our first fashion campaign based on the hit BDSM story.

So, who's playing the bumbling, inexperienced Ana, and what label is it all for?

Well, the house is Marc New York. Which, OK, the series is based in Seattle, but whatever.

What really gives us pause is the casting. (That's what they call hiring models in the biz. You don't just put a girl in a photo—you audition a protagonist. Now you know.)

Anastasia Steele is supposed to be inexperienced and insecure. In the world of fashion, that translates into...the sexual bombshell and Miss Universe winner Dayana Mendoza. We will say this: Love that dress, unzipped or not.

As for Christian Grey, out here in the non-fashion world, Matt Bomer appears to be a fan fave for the part. In the meantime, Marc New York has selected former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans. Is that towel by Marc New York? Do we care? No. Would it look much better on the floor? Yes.

What do you think of this fantasy casting? Sound off in comments!

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