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Well, that's one way to spend a vacation.

Behold Rihanna, who sported a red bathing suit, matching lipstick, a stack of gold necklaces, flawless pink manicure and could someone please tell her it's OK to go outside without first sitting for two hours in hair and makeup?

Rihanna? Ri-Ri. Stop flirting with the paps. Look over here, girl. Look. Over. Here. We have something to discuss.

Look, we have no quarrel with you or your oddly out-of-character one-piece, which looks sort of like a Baywatch lifeguard's idea of formalwear. And the shade of lipstick is perfect, girl, really.

Plus, if we had a stylist on call just begging us to wear stacks and stacks of gold necklaces that we got for free from a desperate fashion publicist, we would not be complaining, girl.

But someone needs to tell you: you are on vacay. You're not working. No one is paying you right now to cavort around in a yacht in the south of France. You can just walk out of your cabin, or suite, or platinum bunker, or wherever rich people like you stay in when you're on vacation, and sit in the sun with your beer and nothing bad will happen to you.

Let your hair down. Let your necklaces rest in a drawer. Set yourself free, girl. The paps won't care. We promise.

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