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Not every child actor grows up to be Lindsay Lohan, only most child actors.

There are always a few who manage to defy the odds and stay crazy only on the inside. (We just know there's something up with Natalie Portmanshe talks to dust bunnies or something. We're looking into it.)

Judging from this brand-new photo tweeted by former Spy Kids star Alexa Vega—maybe in response to her recent divorce announcement?—it looks like this former child star has, ummm, matured quite successfully.

Before you get all judgmental and accuse the girl of channeling an early Drew Barrymore, know this—the 23-year-old is in costume. That's right. That sparkly bikini-top-bra-thing is on display because Alexa is working, girl, and not for Spearmint Rhino.

Specifically, the half-Colombian beauty is in character for the forthcoming Machete Kills, directed by Spy Kids creator Robert Rodriguez. Vega plays an assassin called KillJoy, which, if you ask us, is precisely the wrong name for a girl who dresses like this.

The flick also stars Jessica Alba, Amber Heart, Vanessa Hudgens and Sofia Vergara.

Can't wait to see what they're wearing. Or not wearing.

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