Lana Del Rey, H&M


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If there's one thing that smart entertainers know how to do well, it's fail upward.

Charlie Sheen careened off of Two and a Half Men straight into another show. Jessica Simpson isn't necessarily the most formidable singer or actor out there, but she still makes a ton of cash.

And now comes Lana Del Rey, of the Saturday Night Live performance ridiculed 'round the world. So what's her latest triumph? How about modeling for one of the biggest mass-market clothing names in the biz?

We speak of H&M, which has just hired the "Video Games" singer as the face of its brand.

Behold the gangsta Nancy Sinatra (her words, not ours) as she sports a pale pink angora sweater, matching pants, chandelier earrings and the same black cloud of antimatter she wore for her infamous performance on SNL.

We'll just say this—the sweater, in any case, is real nice.

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