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So the other day our mom called and told us that she believes houses have souls. We countered that dresses clearly have souls, too, and that some of those souls are nasty and evil from hem to neckline.

Need proof?

Check out poor Dianna Agron in this malicious Louis Vuitton frock, which swallowed her cute figure in one gulp during an event at the Whitney Museum in New York...

That dress is clearly self-aware and eager to smother the actress in an amorphous tent of pure hate.

It wants to use the three shiny paperweights on its bodice as brickbats to beat Dianna senseless, then it plans to deploy those amoeba-like squiggles to devour her like a flesh-eating virus.

In the meantime, the frock shall be satisfied to watch her wander aimlessly—its shapeless tomb of silk wondering where her waist and hips went.

We have no idea what the Glee co-star did to this garment to make it loathe her, but whatever beef is going on between these two, we hope Dianna survives!

Tell us, are we spot on or did we miss the fashion mark?

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What do you think of Dianna Agron's psychedelic look?

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