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We could start off by mentioning that this is a Wildfox Couture sweater with stars all over it, shredded sleeves and enough room to house all 40,000 Hervé Léger bandage dresses that Britney Spears owns.

But no, we will not start off that way, because that is not our first thought about this bizarrely popular top...

Jeez, what is that thing made out of that every starlet in Hollywood needs to have it? James Deen's sweat? Fairy blood? A real career?

Whatever material it is, it clearly has some sort of catnip-like effect for the likes of Ashley Tisdale, Jessica Simpson and Miley Cyrus—people who, we should point out, generally don't like to wear clothes at all. But wearing this shirt they are!

Cyrus is covering up what appears to be a swimsuit (cheers to her for wearing anything at all under there), while Simpson may or may not be using it as a slanket over baby Maxwell Johnson and Tisdale, well, see our note on Cyrus.

By the way—you too can wrap yourself in a Wildfox sweater, for only—ahem—$220. Pretty cheap. You know, for fairy blood.

So, who gets your vote for wearing this sweater best? Tell us below!

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