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Just in case you've missed the three million For Your Consideration ads, or the four trillion new posters for the upcoming season of Project Runway, here's a reminder: Heidi Klum is 39 years old and still keeps it tight.

We know all of this because the supermodel-host-whatever sent out a photo of herself, from her perspective, on her Twitter feed...

We could draw some parallel here between the supermodel's recent split from husband Seal and the fact that she's flashing photos like this, but, come on. She's Heidi Klum. She'd post a photo of herself half-naked just because it's Thursday.

Oh, wait, we're the Fashion Police—we have to say something about those two strips of cloth she's sporting.

Let's see, ummm, we bet they're expensive! We think we see some metal in the cleavage there.

And, yep, that's a bikini all right.

Carry on.

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