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It's so uncanny that Elizabeth Banks wore this dress to the People Like Us screening in N.Y.C. last night, because we were just thinking...

What would happen if somebody mixed a box of Rice Krispies with glitter, then sprayed Banks with glue and threw the actress into said mixture and shook it all up again until she got placid and smiley like Marie Osmond after a white wine spritzer?

Elizabeth Banks: It's like she's in our heads...

In theory, there's nothing wrong with the dress itself. It's a shell. It's a vessel. When worn on an underfed Daryl Hannah type on the Saab Fall 2012 runway, it becomes an insult to sandwich eaters everywhere. When thrown onto a star like Banks, the same dress lurches in the other direction, making Lizzie look all desperate and hippy like a lost Gabor.

So, where does that leave us? Is there someone else out there, the One Girl who was born to wear this dress, a doe-eyed maiden just pining away in a dusty attic, singing to the friendly rats who live in the walls, waiting for Elie to discover that she and she alone was born to be sprayed in glue and dipped in a big box of Rice Krispies and glitter?

Or does Elizabeth Banks really look just fine? You tell us.

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Is Elizabeth Banks' Elie Saab halter dress a must have or fashion fail?
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